Our Residential Contracting services offer you a world of possibilities!

New construction by Leo Roofing & Construction is a specialty of ours. From designing, to planning, to permits, to selection of materials, to build-out and to completion, we cater to all phases of the building process with full-service project management.

From modest homes to mansions and everything in between, we have the ability to construct any design in any price range, and give you the results you deserve. We will make sure your project is up to code, and up to your expectations.

Homeowners, now is a great time to update your home! Updates help retain or increase the value of your home, and you will have a refreshed sense of feeling each time you walk in the door. Whether you start small – like remodeling a bathroom, or you’re ready for that chef’s kitchen – we can plan it, permit it, and build it… to your specifications.

We efficiently combine roofing and general contracting to build additions such as patio rooms, bedrooms, home offices and garages. And can complement a new patio room with a beautiful pool.

We are masterful at maximizing the potential of your home, while being budget conscious at the same time. Not all home improvement projects need to be a significant investment of time and resources. No matter how old your home is, a few little updates can result in a new and improved appearance. Attention to detail makes a big difference in retaining value in your home.

Business Owners & Property Managers… We are here to serve your needs.

Many Florida businesses are taking advantage of available space to upgrade their locations and we are here to turn empty square footage into vibrant business space. We build out medical, legal and other professional offices, as well as salons and other businesses. We can also renovate your business and bring new life to your commercial space.

Services include:

  • Pre-Construction
  • New Construction
  • Pre-Inspections
  • Code & Building Compliance and Upgrades
  • Tenant Build-Outs
  • Condominium Improvements
  • Space Design / Remodel

We are ready to give you an estimate or a bid on your project today. Our territory includes Broward and Palm Beach Counties and the Treasure Coast. We are licensed to handle new building projects up to three stories and we deliver professional results on time and within budget.