Black Metal Roof Project

Black Metal Roof Project: Exceptional Design and Craftsmanship

This amazing home in Jupiter, Florida is a testament to the artistry, craftsmanship, and attention to detail you receive when choosing Leo Roofing and Construction. When the house was being built, the owners contacted Leo Roofing with a straightforward request. They wanted a dark bronze metal roof. The request was simple enough. The project, however, was one of the most complex designs that the company has ever undertaken. Leo Roofing turned to Extreme Metals for the material for this spectacular roof.

This unique roof would have been highly challenging for any other company. The multiple roof planes and numerous special features required great skill. Large sections are a hipped roof design. This consists of slopes on all four sides that form a ridge at the top where they connect. Maintaining symmetry with this standing seam metal roofing system required precise measurements and complex calculations.

Leo Roofing’s experienced technicians were meticulous with their measurements, cutting, and shaping of the roofing material, particularly on the conical or turret roof and chimney sections. Exact cutting and proper seaming are crucial to prevent leaks on the round surface and are labor-intensive. Achieving uniform symmetry on the curved surface and multiple elevations was formidable! While the roof was complex, Leo Roofing and its outstanding customer service completed the project in less time than the homeowners expected!

The rich architecture is a mix of classic and modern elements. The contrast of the light exterior combined with the dark roof is exciting visually and very current. The artistry of the roof makes this home striking and provides the finishing touch to the aesthetic appeal!

Whether your luxury home is new construction or a re-roofing project, there is only one choice: Leo Roofing and Construction. Incredible craftsmanship, exquisite results, and outstanding customer service are always delivered.

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